Psychologist by day, writer by the light of the moon, big sister 24/7.

Hello lovers of the written word! Thank you for stopping by.  This is my first blog for my first attempt to start writing for the public eye. I guess it’s a thing you have to do if you want to be a writer? Apart from being a professional in the mental health field (licensed in both school and clinical psychology) I also like to dabble with the written word.

I’ve been writing since high school, but started a “novel” in 2009 after Christmas at home with the fam. I found myself looking around the living room at my six siblings and wondering what their super powers might be. Then if they had wings, what color they’d be. Then what season they’d be, etc. etc., and the magical land of Veilmira was born. If my book, which is currently in a Word document, ever becomes the real thing, I can’t wait for you to meet my imaginings inspired by my unwitting family. I’ll share tidbits here and there, as I continue to tirelessly submit query letters.

I hope that this blog will be a quirky but informative blend of writing, educational tips and tricks, and psychology (as I draw a lot of my ideas from my centuries of school). So here we go! All it takes is twenty-six taps (over and over and over again).

And as one of my beloved characters says, “Our fate is like a well full of magic, waiting somewhere to be found, and then drunk until it’s dry.”  I’m going in search of that well until I find it.

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