Writing Prompt: Write a story about a wedding from 3 different perspectives, can you guess who?


I can’t believe the day is actually here. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was changing his diapers and chasing him around the house? God, I hope she’s good enough for him. She seems nice…smart. There’s no denying what instantly attracted him to her. My son is a catch and he apparently has found one as well. What I wouldn’t give, though, to rewind time even just a few years. I was the heroine in his eyes bringing the Gatorade and cookies to the sweaty, dirty gaggle of boys as they headed into the 7th inning. Now that’s her job, to be the heroine. God, I hope she’s good enough for him.


Ugh! These clothes are too tight! I don’t wanna wear this stupid-shaped neck thing! Why do I have to walk down with my stupid cousin?  These ugly rings better not slip off this slippery pillow like they did last night. And Aunt Milly better not whisper, “Slow down!” the whole time. YOU SLOW DOWN! And I better not be the one who has to pick up all these dead flowers after Uncle Jack and his girlfriend get done talking to each other at the front. I wonder if anyone would notice if I took off this stupid-shaped neck thing.


Why am I here? Why am I here? Okay. Calm down. I’m here because I was invited and it would have been even more awkward if I didn’t show up. But why am I here? Okay. I’m being brave, dignified even. Just find a spot at the back. Like the back, back. No that’ll look awkward, too. Okay. Find a spot on the groom’s side in the middle by the 2nd cousins. Got it. These pews are cold. Focus on Jesus, just focus on Jesus. Oh my God, there he is. He doesn’t look nervous at all! God he looks good in that tux. Stop it! Focus on Jesus. But he just made eye contact. Keep calm. I’ll just smile like I’m totally supportive of the fact that he’s not marrying me. I had to finish school and he couldn’t wait, remember? But he’s not marrying me. Why am I here?

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  1. That’s my girl! You have a gift little pal…, you really do. How fitting after this weekend.


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